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Health Mistakes Smart Women Make

01. Health mistake:

Cleaning too vigorously down there !

"The vagina actually contains lots of healthy bacteria that ward off the growth of 'bad' germs, making the area naturally self-cleaning," says Patricia Sulak, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Texas A&M Medical School. "Using harsh soaps, powders and perfumed products can irritate sensitive vaginal skin, causing redness, burning and/or itchiness." Your best bet is to use a gentle, nondeodorant cleanser, such as Dove or Neutrogena.

02. Health mistake:

Assuming that your weight has no effect on your gynecological health- Being too thin can result in irregular or nonexistent periods, And having excess fat tissue stokes your production of estrogen, an overabundance of which can increase your chance of developing breast and uterine cancers. What's more, overweight women who take the Pill have a greater chance of experiencing contraceptive failure, because the excess estrogen produced by fat cells can change the way the hormones in the Pill are metabolized.

03. Health mistake:

Believing that the Pill raises breast cancer risk Good news: A recent and definitive Johns Hopkins University study of 10,000 women found that no matter what type of birth control pills women used or how long they took them, oral contraceptives had no impact on breast cancer risk whatsoever.

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