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Getting checked!

While not all medical organizations agree on what you need and when, here’s what the National Women’s Health Information Center suggests:

  • Thyroid test - every 5yrs beginning at age 35.
  • Blood pressure test - Every 2yrs beginning at age 18.
  • Cholesterol Test- Start at age 20 and let your doctor suggest frequency.
  • Bone mineral density test - Have baseline test around age 40 and let your doctor decide on frequency.
  • Blood sugar test - Every 3yrs beginning at age 45.
  • Mammogram - Beginning at age 40, every one to two years.
  • Pap test/Pelvic exam – 1-3yrs if you are sexually active, up to age 65. After age 65 let your doctor decides on frequency.
  • Colorectal health testing - Yearly fecal occult blood test beginning at age 50.

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